Stretton Park Hostel provides respite care to eligible persons. Eligible persons are entitle to 9 weeks (63 days) of respite per year.

There are two respite beds available each with the following services –

  • Ensuite, Television, lounge chair,
  • Comfortable bed,  lockable bedside drawers
  • 24 hour call bell in main room & ensuite, and emergency bell
  • All food/drinks provided (meals in room or communal dining area as per resident choice)
  • Evening happy hour (7 days)
  • Inclusion in Lifestyle and Leisure Program
  • Community bus pick up and drop off at front door twice weekly
  • Emergency Medical care (choice of local GP clinic to be arranged  prior to admission)
  • Daily laundry and housekeeping services
  • Peaceful outside secure garden areas, barbeque and gazebo
  • Church services

Fees and charges are as specified by the Department of Health & Ageing.

Respite residents will be provided with a respite agreement and asked to pay a deposit prior to the date of admission.

Some persons may be eligible for supported payments, if so this must be confirmed in writing by the provider prior to admission. A deposit will not be required in these circumstances.

Prior to admission respite residents must visit their local doctor and ensure a current medication chart is provided and this is then taken to pharmacy of choice to ensure all medications are packed in Webster packs.

On booking an admission package will be provided or posted and this will include all required information and documentation.

Please discuss this and any other concerns with the office staff on booking.

Emergency Respite

Stretton Park Hostel can at times support emergency respite depending on bed availability. We work closely with acute and community health services to support the needs of our aged population.